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Previous Tournaments...

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UNIFORMS: A player’s "uniform" consists of a jersey only.  Shoes and shorts, tights, or leggings are required.  The style, color, and material of each team member’s jersey must match that of all other team members.  The color and design for the jerseys must be uniform for the team (except for the Libero).  Uniform numbers must be clearly visible and centered (both horizontally and vertically) on the player’s chest and upper back.  Each jersey must use the same color and number height for all players, except the Libero’s jersey, which may have different color and size numbers, provided it still meets the minimum criteria.  All jerseys must have permanent numbers from 1 - 99.  Duplicate numbers are not allowed.

OFFICIATING:  Each team will be assigned games to officiate.  Please check the schedule for assigned work times.  Each team must provide a first and second referee, a scorekeeper, a libero tracker and two line judges.  If you are late, you will be penalized a point for every minute you are late.  If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will forfeit the first set of your next game.

ROSTERS:  The Team Representative/Captain must check in with the Court Manager at the site of their first scheduled game to validate their roster prior to the team's first game.  If there are any changes to the original roster submitted, they must be made at this time.  Once your roster is validated by the Court Manager prior to the first game, no changes to the roster will be allowed.  Should the team have an injury(ies) leaving them with 5 or fewer players they will need to immediately forfeit that game.  If they are not able to produce 6 players from the approved roster by their next scheduled game, they will be eliminated from the tournament.  Under no circumstances can a player be added to the roster once the team's first game in the tournament begins.

DEADLINE: Deadline to enter tournament is SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30,2019.  We will not accept your entry until we receive a complete Registration Form and entry fee.  Make sure that ALL the information in the Team Registration is correct.  Note: there will be a $50 late fee charged if received after the deadline and you will be put on a waiting list.

Any transgender female who wishes to participate in a Womens' Division must meet all of the following requirements:

1. She must provide written verification from a licensed medical professional of having successfully undergone femaile hormonal therapy for at least 2 years (or a sufficient amount of time to minimize gender-related advantages in sport competitions as determined by a licensed medical professional); and

2. She must provide official government identification documenting that her female gender has been legally recognized (i.e. drivers license, passport, or current state identification)

In the event the gender of an athlete competing in the Winter Bash tournament is called into question, the matter shall be referred to the tournament director.  The tournament director shall have the sole and absolute authority to determine whether an individual is eligible to participate in the Winter Bash tournament on a case-by-case basis.  In order to maintain the safety of all participants and to ensure the competitive integrity of the Winter Bash tournament, the tournament director reserves any and all rights to disqualify an individual from participating in the Winter Bash tournament.  Any individual, whose eligibility is under review by the tournament director, shall not have the right to participate in all tournament games until an official determination is made by the tournament director. The tournament director shall have the authority to request additional evidence from an individual whose eligibility is called into question. 

Junior Boys Scrimmage/Tournaments

October-November 2017

14U Boys Scrimmage/Tournaments:

*Saturday, October 14 at Kalakaua DP Gym 8am-1pm $60/team

*Sunday, November 12 at Kalakaua DP Gym 8am-1pm $60/team

*Winter Bash also has a 14U Boys Division

(see above Winter Bash info)


16U Boys Scrimmage/Tournaments:

*Sunday, October 15 at Kalakaua DP Gym 8am-1pm $60/team  (possibly mixed with 18U if not enough 16U teams)


*Sunday, November 26 at Kalakaua DP Gym 8am-1pm $60/team

*Winter Bash also has a 16U Boys Division

(see above Winter Bash info)

18U Boys Scrimmage/Tournaments:


*Sunday, October 15 at Kalakaua DP Gym 8am-1pm $60/team (possibly mixed with 16U if not enough 18U teams)

*Sunday, November 26 at Kalakaua DP Gym 8am-1pm $60/team (possibly mixed with 16U if not enough 18U teams)

*Winter Bash- 18U Boys teams to participate with Mens B/BB Division

(see above Winter Bash info)

Please email the following info to
-team name and age group
-contact person, email and phone
-date scrimmage/tournament you are interested in atending

Pay here!  (Add $2 for paypal fee)

Previous Tournaments...

To our participants, sponsors, vendors, and spectators,




Mahalo to all our participants!

Looking forward to Grass Bash 2018

(August 2018)

Pure Aloha Spring Fling Volleyball Scrimmage

12U and 14U Divisions

Saturday. March 18th, 2017 at Palama Settlement Gym

-12U Division 9am-2pm

-14U Division 2pm-8pm

$60 entry fee (to cover the cost of gym fee)

Numbered jerseys are required.

No potluck or set up of tables and tents.

Concession will be available.

Email to participate or for more info.

Make checks payable to

'Pure Aloha Volleyball Club'

Mail to:

Pure Aloha Volleyball Club

41-555 Kamana Aina Place

Waimanalo, HI 96795

or Pay through Paypal using the button below



Mahalo to all our participants!

Looking forward to Winter Bash 2017

(December 15-17, 2017)

What: Fall Grass Bash in the Country Volleyball Tournament

Who:  Men A/AA, Men B/BB

          Women A/AA, Women B/BB

          (Juniors ages 13 years old & older welcomed)

          *Max 5 player roster

When: Saturday, November 19, 2016 7am-6pm

Where: Waimanalo Beach Park Field

Why: Fundraising event for Pure Aloha Volleyball Club

How: Registration and entry fee due by November 5, 2016

1. Register at:

2. Pay with Paypal: $80/team (plus Paypal fee)

If you are interested in being a sponsor or vendor, please send us an email at

To our participants, sponsors, vendors, and spectators, 


for being apart of our FIRST Summertime Grass Bash Tournament!

Men's Division: 1st place LAC, 2nd place Laulea

Women's Division: 1st place PAWL, 2nd place Queen of Hearts

Email for Registration forms or info.

Pay entry fee now through Paypal! (Paypal fee included)

MAHALO to our generous sponsors for our 

Summertime Grass Bash in the country tournament! 

Don't forget to enjoy ono food and drinks from our fabulous vendors!!!

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